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 It is a fleet simulation game currently under development.

Star Region概要::Star Region Overview

Star Regionとは...?
 What is Star Region ...?
 It is a space fleet strategy game that runs on the browser.

 The player is commander of a space army base of a certain country.
 A commander is given a space fleet and defends its own camp from the unknown fleet and space pirates.
 When the mission progresses and the base of the enemy is found out, you can also lift it to the base on the planet and the fortress, and you can destroy enemy fighting power.

宇宙艦艇には駆逐艦や巡航艦(現代で言う巡洋艦クラス)といった小型艦艇から、 戦艦や航空母艦といった大型の艦艇、 電子戦装備や探知装置で艦隊を防御する特殊な艦艇などが用意されています。
 From the small naval vessels such as destroyers and cruise ships (cruiser classes in the modern era) to space vessels,  Large ships such as battleships and aircraft carriers,  Special warships that protect the fleet with electronic warfare equipment and detection equipment are available.
 In addition, fleet fighter aircraft, small weapons for landing warfare, and human-type infantry infantry are prepared and you can organize them freely.

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